Term 1, March 31, 2015 School Newsletter article

“The turn of the 21st century has signaled a shift in what types of skillsets have real, applicable value in a rapidly advancing world. In this landscape, creativity, design and engineering are making their way to the forefront of educational considerations as tools such as 3D printers, robotics, and 3D modeling web-based applications become accessible to more people. The question of how to renovate or repurpose classrooms to address the needs of the future is being answered through the concept of Makerspaces, or workshops that offer tools and the learning experiences needed to help people carry out their ideas.” http://horizon.wiki.nmc.org/Makerspaces This extract is from the annual Horizon Report relating to educational directions for technology. In response to these learning imperatives, the AHS Library service has been offering technology and other activities during the last 2 terms, at lunchtimes, from weeks 1 to 4. The activities that have been provided so far include: coding (pencil code), circuit activities (conductive thread and LED lights) and apps for ereading. We have also offered crafts, board games (including strategy and role playing games), origami, badge making, chess and various bookclubs. Planning is underway to offer a variety of other new events, including wii games, neurosky mindwave, circuits, makey makey and lego wedo robotics. In addition, preparations are occurring for turning the McAuley Room in McAuley Library into a Makerspace which includes facilities for 3D printing. The library is also providing a writing workshop at the end of this term which includes investigation of the potential of immersive activities and augmented reality apps to improve student creative writing. Apps that will be used include AnomalyAR, Aurasma, Epic Citadel, Dragons! and those associated with the Guinness Book of Records. The strategy is to offer these experiences to other All Hallows’ students later in the year. These activities are being offered in addition to supporting information literacy and reading goals. Parent support is vital to encourage students to read regularly. It is hoped that the girls have a safe and relaxing holiday, but also one that is filled with lots of reading. Students can choose from a huge collection of print books, or they can also read or listen to the All Hallows’ rapidly expanding collection ebooks and audiobooks, on school devices, smartphones and other internet enabled devices, both on and offline.

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