Set up for makerfaire

This shows the set up for the makerfaire. Station 6 was a bare area at the back of the room bounded by pool noodles for the spheroes, a table for the Mindwaves headset and another table for the augmented reality books with Aurasma triggers on the wall. The data projector was used to put up the group rotations. It was also used to encourage deeper reflection when posting on the forum, by highlighting good posts.

IMG_5696 IMG_5695 IMG_5694 IMG_5693 IMG_5692 IMG_5691 IMG_5690 IMG_0284 IMG_0280
IMG_5698 IMG_5697

2 thoughts on “Set up for makerfaire

    • Hi,
      We use moodle. It is important to structure use of the forum into the makerspace activities and ensure students post, if this is desired.


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