Formal Makerspace Lunchtime Library Plan for Term 3, 2015

The black square in the scribd file is a short video showing Lego Wedo robotics in operation. This is a pdf version of the promotional powerpoint that will be used on digital screens in the library; however animations have been removed when changing format to post on this blog.

First Makerfaire

Well, learnt a lot from this. Very lucky to have lots of help for first one. Had circuit bookmarks, stop motion, makey makey,little bits, Lego robotics, sphero robotics, QR codes off back of books, Neurosky Mindwaves headset and augmented reality with Aurasma, Anomaly UAR and Guinness Book of records 2015.

Click below to see rotations – 6 groups for 7 lessons. 58 students. Yr 8