Getting a makerspace started

I was asked today: if you started today again, what would you do to start a makerspace?
I would start with origami (again). Buy craft stuff – to build bridges, toothpick towers, paper planes. catapults out of popsicle sticks etc.
I would buy Lego Mindstorms (expensive, but these have great potential and kids love them, because they can move (the kids and the robots)). (someone said they have used these robots with success that are cheaper  )
I would do coding and minecraft. Go to There are great fun tutorials here; step by step.
Also, try Scratch – it is free and great.
I would do CodeCombat (kids really like it and it teaches coding). I have resources for codecombat at:
Get minecraft edu set up and use it.
If you really want to do LED light stuff, try:
Would love to hear what others would say…

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