Q: How do we produce IdeasBoom?

A: Provide more time for second half of the equation

Theory /research+Practising existing applications/making/engineering + New contexts/problems/challenges + Capitalisation of new ideas =IdeasBoom

(Knowledge + Application+Problem/Challenge/Obsession/Passion + Motivation/Engagment/Connection/Student choice + Creativity or voice and/or Collaboration + Luck+Peristence+Resilience + Practise ) * Time = IdeasBoom

Schools mainly do:

Concepts, practise concepts, test

Schools should do:

Concepts, practise concepts, challenges/problems to use concepts in new ways and different situations

Students can google many concepts and context, so schools should declutter “pre-google” curricula to provide more time for challenge/problem solving/cross-curricular/connections. The Makerspace movement has flourished because learning programs failed to move past the concept/testing approach. Makerspaces have flourished because real learning is not divided into subjects and because of the drawbacks of subject separated curriculum (repetition, lack of transfer, over- focus on facts and content etc. (especially in secondary education)). Innovation and creativity requires drawing on a myriad of subjects and life skills.

What would this look like?

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