Lego Mindstorm NXTs

Robotics lessons can be done in Coding Club, makerspace, curriculum classes or library lessons.

Activity for Year 5 students. (Sensors are done in Year 6)

It takes Year 5’s 2 lessons to build their robot (using the version in the manual that comes with the kit) and a little longer for the sensors.

Update the Firmware on the devices by plugging the device in and go to the Tools Menu (ALT + T) there will be an item to update the firmware. It only takes a few minutes and is a once only requirement.

Some tips with managing the kits, remind students to:

  • Charge robots each night
  • Collect the upload cable from the computer and put it with their Robot or in their kit
  • Label their robot for easy identification
  • Delete old files off the robot before beginning (arrow keys) as it will fill up and not allow any other files to be saved.
  • Robots need to be turned on to upload

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