Makerspace Update

Over the break, we moved shelving to create a new open area to facilitate flexibility in the library/makerspace and activities such as robotics, drones and droids.This also created a better area for green screen filming.Students have been making a Sphero Arena out of paper copier boxes, and a variety of robots variously powered by solar, and also fresh and salt water. Constructions are being made from paddle pop sticks. Drone and droid Interest Group was very well attended yesterday, and one of the students shared a workshop she attended at QUT over the holidays using Lightning Lab and we had 6 Spheros in action. Additional screens are being installed in the makerspace to play tutorials for groups and also to promote collaborative learning. A drop in afternoon was provided on Monday for staff to visit the makerspace, so this term is looking good in terms of integrating makerspace resources into the curriculum. In Potter Library, the Cre8 Lab program is going well. Students are making fascinators with electronics and fiberoptics. Other Cre8 Lab workshops planned for Potter Library this term include Special Effects makeup and wearables using 3D printing.

Competitions currently being promoted in Junior Coding Club





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