School Strike for Climate Change

On 24 March, 2022, our school had a “Sit-In” for “School Strike for Climate Change Australia.” Students gathered on The Terrace and shared many ideas for caring for the planet. Friday May 6 is another day for “School Strike for Climate Change Australia.”

Everyone can make a difference on any day, to support Planet Earth. Below are some ideas shared with our students for May 6.

  • To find out more about “School Strike for Climate Change,” click the link in the table below.
  • It is Meat Free May, so you might like to try a meal or two without meat: see links below.
  • You might like to collect some containers to recycle via Containers for Change: see more information below.
  • An election is coming. The Vote Compass link below helps voters choose politicians based on their policies, such as climate change. Maybe share this link with those you know who will be voting.
  • Laudato si’ Week si coming up from May 22 to 29. AHS will be promoting some climate actions relating to this week. See link below.
  • The AHS Eco Justice group is always working on Climate Actions and meets weekly….(details were provided to students).
  School Strike for Climate Change    Home | School Strike 4 Climate Australia
Laudato si’ Week May 22 to 29Launching of Laudato si’ Week 2022 – Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development    
Containers for change  The trailer in the Dodge Lane car park drop-off zone is a collection point for household containers. If you choose to take your own containers to a depot and wish to donate to AHS charities, use the code: C10204625 Home | Containers for Change   Remember, no containers that have had wine or milk in them   It is fine to put in Popper style containers; get 10c each back. See what else you can return at How it works | Containers for Change  
Meat Free May Meat Free May Welcome   Plant-Based Recipes, a Comprehensive Archive | Forks Over Knives  
Talk to the voters in your household about the coming election and climate change. The link on the right lets voters check the policies of politicians, including climate change  Vote Compass 2022 – Australia Votes – Australian Federal Election Policies & Political Parties – ABC News    
Free online Climate Game The Climate Game — Can you reach net zero? (  

Some happy news: most AHS buildings are being covered in solar panels (if permitted – some can’t have solar panels due to Heritage listing). Below is Claver Theatre being covered in solar panels taken on 22 April 2022 😊

Thank you for all your climate protection actions.

Micro Drones

We use Tello drones with Tello Edu App on Windows tablets The unit is based on resources from and drone safety plan from World of Drones Education: Free STEM Resources for Teachers

More at and

More from shemaps: great resources to help set up drone clubs with free activities

SheMaps helps with purchasing

This might be useful

Badge Making

We do badge making for Year 5 and 6 at start of each year in our Makerspace like other libraries. These badges are used in classes to learn names. Another activity is as follows.

TEAM Game (Together Everyone Achieves More)

First lesson, students make name badges. Return badges to teacher end of each lesson. Next lesson, place name badges face down on ground or table. Students need to find their badge and return to their seat. Teacher times how long it takes for class to be back and seated. No elbowing etc. Ussually takes just over 40 seconds for 29 students, first attempt. Students wear badge to learn each other’s name and return end of class. Next lesson place badges on ground or table face up. Have class discussion on ways to find badges faster, and agree on strategy. Time it. Repeat game next lesson. Try different strategies. Times get faster so it is a good message about benefits of working together, that distributes the badges in less than a minute. Also good learning moments are strategies that are not faster – how to fix it, why it did not work, why other strategies better.

If any badges left behind, this tells who is absent so makes taking class attendance easy.

See below how to recycle badges.

Badge Making Activities in Library

Badges recycled with stickers

These ones were used tocover old badges.

Sustainable food unit Year 7

Term Long Unit – 22 lessons, each about 45 minutes long.

Assessment is creation of 2D and then 3D sustainable garden design. Main task is creation of video pitch uploaded to flipgrid with student narration. Some images below from one student video, created using screenshots and screencast in powerpoint, then saved as video and uploaded to flipgrid. Sun setting at the end was effective. Flipgrid facilitates class sharing of videos, peer review and student self reflection.

Student Sustainable Garden Pitch built to approx. scale in school location.

Sample 1 Anon:

Student Sample 2 Niamh:

Teaching sustainability and food especially for Years 7 and 8: additional resources

ContentAccess Point
Food gardenFood gardens | Sustainable Schools NSW
Food Garden 5, 6Design project: Kitchen garden – ABOVE | The Australian Curriculum
QLD sustainable resourcesCool Australia (
General resourcesTeaching Resources | Getting Started with Sustainability in Schools
Energy, food etc lessonsFlipside Science | California Academy of Sciences (
Climate changeClimate change | Sustainable Schools NSW
Sustainable House daySustainable House Day – Environmentally Progressive Homes in Australia
Sanctuary MagazineSanctuary magazine – Renew
20402040 Documentary | Join the Regeneration (
Buy Nothing NewBuy Nothing New Month
CospacesBuilding sustainable communities with CoSpaces Edu | by Tamara Koehler | AR & VR in the classroom
Minecraft Sustainability CityMinecraft Sustainability City | Minecraft Education Edition
Good site for research on differences of food produced by these methodsIndustrial vs. Organic – Sustainable Table
TLF-IDS1982 Learning areas: Studies of Society and Environment; Technologies Year levels 6; 7; 8; 9  Updated18/11/2021 This unit provides an opportunity for students to explore the costs and benefits of environmentally-responsible food choices, and to understand the impact of these choices on the environment, and on their own health and wellbeing. Students will deploy social inquiry research and working technologically to draw on a range …  Eating green: building values TLF-IDS1982 from Scootle
Download school garden design.Sustainable Garden – Alexandra Primary School
Spring 2014 School Kitchen Gardens: Cultivating a Child’ s Nutritional Habits, Environmental Knowledge, and Sustainability Practices Jeffrey Meltzer SIT Study Abroad: questions at end may be good fro survey design. More theoreticalSchool Kitchen Gardens: Cultivating a Child’s Nutritional Habits, Environmental Knowledge, and Sustainability Practices (
Building your school garden together: a unitMicrosoft Word – Building Your School Garden Togethe1.docx (
Kitchen Gardens: resourcesKitchen gardens (
Setting up and continuing school garden. American. CSYSG page has very large PowerPoint as why need food gardenSustainability | School Garden Resources (
Videos from Bunnings on setting up gardenGardening know-how | Life Education QLD
A whole school case study: Arthur Phillip High School Sustainable GardenBuilding a garden | Getting Started with Sustainability in Schools
Food issues teaching resources from Saskatchewa. Download PDFCurrent Food Issues | Sustainability Classroom Resources at Resources for Rethinking (
Australian, Y 10 Unit. 5 Lessons. Good questions.Sustainable Food Systems | Agriculture Lessons (
Good resources on food sustainability.Resources – Sustainability-based lesson plans for teachers (
Teaching Kids Sustainable Food Practices By Sher Warkentin in Helping Hands School resourcesTeaching Kids Sustainable Food Practices (
Ozharvest and other resources  
Audit school food literacy and activities
Our Hungry Planet: Food for a Growing Population: good videos and activitiesOur Hungry Planet: Food for a Growing Population | Flipside Science (
Useful resources including videos and worksheets for schoolsSustainability Victoria | ResourceSmart Schools
Year 10 Sustainable Food Systems- some resources suitable for younger year levels such as how to make a healthy meal deal, and “what can be done” activityYear-10-SOURCE-Sustainable-Food-Systems-2020.pdf (
Variety of good resources about what can be done, packaging, where to shop etcAll Things Ethical Eating – Sustainable Table

Drone Lesson Ideas

Year 6 Disaster Unit

Don’t Spoil the Endgame Year 8 Activity

Curriculum Links

Great Drone and Mapping Resources for Teachers

Lego Algorithm and Other Learning Activities

With Lego Masters doing so well on TV, maybe it is a good opportunity to capitalize and also include some Digi Tech / algorithm fun: and

Lego Building Challenge
Lego Algorithmics
Lego Building Algorithm Activity

Lego Algorithm Duck Activities

Lego Challenge Cards