August in the Makerspace

Year 5s doing Lego Mindstorms in Library lessons. Year 6s finished Makerspace rotations of: 3D printing a locket with initials, hour of code, Fathers’ Day LED card with sticky circuits and green screen project using Adobe Elements. Had Year 6 Bookweek Event with Terrace-students undertook tallest flagpole with straws challenge in groups, and in the makerspace sewing interest continues, so we invited one of our Home Economics teachers to provide a workshop where students learnt sewing basics at lunchtime, by making a fabric heart. Other students have been making a version of play dough, cardboard towns, aprons, origami, PVA glue plastics and helping in the food garden and with worm farm.




Typing programs

Others not tried include:

Useful sites for flying drones in Australia

There are additional regulations for drones over 2kgs. There may be requirements the drone needs, or it is advisable to have, such as return to base, or GPS, to use on school excursions.

Other sites:

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