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She Flies: highly recommend following She Flies


Cre8 Lab

During 2016, I participated as an Ambassador for the Asia Pacific Design Library http://blogs.slq.qld.gov.au/apdl/2016/08/08/meet-our-design-minds-regional-ambassadors/  We were asked to work on a design project, so the AHS Library team focused on our Cre8 Lab project, which is part of our AHS Library Makerspace Program. Read more at: http://designonline.org.au/inspire-all-hallows-cre8-lab/ and at the video below:


And Term 1 program:


Design Thinking Resources

Planning for 2017: design thinking resources for teachers.

 Example of class project approach: https://www.edutopia.org/blog/design-thinking-betty-ray

Northern Beaches Christian College toolkit http://scil.com.au/design-engage/



Creating Future Libraries’ Conference, Learners’ Playground

October 17 saw the annual Creating Future Libraries’ Conference #flrg2016  #FLRG16 . This year we tried a Learners’ Playground, as shown in the images below. It was wonderful to have a wide variety of TLs willing to share their great ideas and practice. This was originally planned just for lunch, but many people visited stands after registering and also at morning tea. I have added a few links, some of which are related, but not provided on the day, for anyone seeking to explore further.

Other resources: