ACCE Tour 2016

See main gist of today’s tour presentation here:

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The main discussion was around girls losing interest in technology around 12 years old, and  whether  technology should be a stand-alone subject or integrated or about how multidisciplinary approaches might work. I was proud that at our school we are implementing/trialling futures-oriented programs, even though it is evolving, and at least our students have extensive opportunities to experience digital and design technologies, trans-disciplinary thinking and problem solving and STEAM/ STEAM thinking. The favourite technologies that teachers seemed to gravitate to today were drones (Parrot mini drones) and Augmented Reality: quiver, Guinness Books of Records 2015, iDinosaur  and Anomoly AR.

My ACCE2016 storify

Words for “I’ll code it for you”

QSITE storify from conference

Below are images from the makerspace visit; does not include images of 3D printers, charging facilities or food garden that were also visited on the day.