School Strike for Climate Change

On 24 March, 2022, our school had a “Sit-In” for “School Strike for Climate Change Australia.” Students gathered on The Terrace and shared many ideas for caring for the planet. Friday May 6 is another day for “School Strike for Climate Change Australia.”

Everyone can make a difference on any day, to support Planet Earth. Below are some ideas shared with our students for May 6.

  • To find out more about “School Strike for Climate Change,” click the link in the table below.
  • It is Meat Free May, so you might like to try a meal or two without meat: see links below.
  • You might like to collect some containers to recycle via Containers for Change: see more information below.
  • An election is coming. The Vote Compass link below helps voters choose politicians based on their policies, such as climate change. Maybe share this link with those you know who will be voting.
  • Laudato si’ Week si coming up from May 22 to 29. AHS will be promoting some climate actions relating to this week. See link below.
  • The AHS Eco Justice group is always working on Climate Actions and meets weekly….(details were provided to students).
  School Strike for Climate Change    Home | School Strike 4 Climate Australia
Laudato si’ Week May 22 to 29Launching of Laudato si’ Week 2022 – Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development    
Containers for change  The trailer in the Dodge Lane car park drop-off zone is a collection point for household containers. If you choose to take your own containers to a depot and wish to donate to AHS charities, use the code: C10204625 Home | Containers for Change   Remember, no containers that have had wine or milk in them   It is fine to put in Popper style containers; get 10c each back. See what else you can return at How it works | Containers for Change  
Meat Free May Meat Free May Welcome   Plant-Based Recipes, a Comprehensive Archive | Forks Over Knives  
Talk to the voters in your household about the coming election and climate change. The link on the right lets voters check the policies of politicians, including climate change  Vote Compass 2022 – Australia Votes – Australian Federal Election Policies & Political Parties – ABC News    
Free online Climate Game The Climate Game — Can you reach net zero? (  

Some happy news: most AHS buildings are being covered in solar panels (if permitted – some can’t have solar panels due to Heritage listing). Below is Claver Theatre being covered in solar panels taken on 22 April 2022 😊

Thank you for all your climate protection actions.