Net of Hope

This was a whole-school maker project. Students made a net with a giant Nancy loom at lunchtimes, before and after school, in the libraries. The loom was then placed on the school Terrace for a week at lunchtimes during Culture Week. On the last day of Culture Week the net was tied to the walkway. On this day and several days following, students wrote on coloured strips their hopes, and these were then tied to the net, so others can read the strips and share positive hopes for the future.

Makerspace Term 2, 2017

During Term 1, students were encouraged to explore building and creating through using both high and low-technology resources, such as Lego Robotics and littleBits, as well as our craft supplies of paper, cardboard and other “bibs and bobs”. Particularly at the end of the term, students made some beautiful Easter craft creations.

In Term 2, students made a Mother’s Day scrub as a gift. Students engaged in a STEAM construction challenge; Balloon-Powered Cars. They sewed flowers using a version of string art. They made bookmarks out of paper. Our new giant Nancy loom is ready for some giant French Knitting…




Presentation for CONASTA workshop

Hands on resources for workshop plus a drone

Click to access ClubZOOMsci_H_newspapertower.pdf

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AHS makerspace

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Rationale for School Library Makerspaces

Rationale School Library Makerspaces

This week in our Library Makerspace. Our Makerspace is part of our library program and thus connected in many ways to learning at our school. The Makerspace is a place, but it also connects ideas, people and other places, and in these ways it extends beyond its physical boundaries, both virtually and online, and to other parts of the school, and also beyond the school.

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Makerspace Ready for Next Stage

Our library makerspace is shown in images below. The next stage in the library makerspace development will involve removing a small room in the library (the video editing room), so that we can move the fiction shelves over to create more open space for robotics and other such activities. The green screen will be relocated into this bigger space, so students can have more depth for green screen video filming. The images also show a plan for screens that will be added over the holidays that will allow tutorials to be displayed and more collaboration. Previous pics of the development of the space over time,can be seen at the links below. The 3D printer is housed in a small room near the library counter that is also used for makerspace storage.

The larger plan of the library, in the images below, shows the changes over the years. The Librarian’s Office is now the 3D printing room. The McAuley Room is now the makerspace. The Curriculum Coordinator’s Room is now the video editing room, soon to be removed. We have another library; see Both libraries can be used by all students.


Starting a School Makerspace

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