Currently Offering:

  • 3D printing
  • Arduino: kits and software
  • Augmented reality with Anomaly, Guinness Book of Records, and i dinosaur books
  • Aurasma
  • Badge making
  • BallStrike augmented reality app from the Windows store
  • Board games: Snake Oil, Dixit, Munchkins, Uno, Chess, Splendor, King Tokyo, Rummikins, Mind Trap, Dominoes, Timeline, Tsuro, Brainmaster, Settlers of Catan, Carcassan, Citadels, Qwirkle, Gloom, plus others
  • Books on makerspace activities and tinkering
  • Coding: Hour of code, pencil code, Scratch
  • CodeCombat
  • Conductive thread and conductive paint circuits
  • Constructo Straws
  • FX makeup
  • Google cardboards (3 of them) or Google Goggles (7 of them)
  • Green Screen Video Making
  • Hummingbird kit: 6 kits
  • Kinect – 2 kits, to allow gesture based computer animation and 3D scanning
  • Lego Mindstorms NXT: 41
  • Lego Mindstorms EV3
  • Lego Wedo with Lego Wedo Software and/or Scratch
  • Large collection of Lego kits
  • Lilypad 1 kit
  • Littlebits:1 Classroom Kit, 1 Deluxe Kit, 1 Space Kit, 1 Cloudbit Starter Kit, 1 Arduino Coding Kit
  • Magnetic Story and Poem Making
  • Makey makey kits: 10
  • Minecraft EDU
  • Neurosky Mindwave headset: 1 of these
  • Origami
  • AR Drone
  • Jumping Sumo Drone
  • Paper crafts – quilling, weaving etc
  • Pencil code and Hour of Code
  • Raspberry pi: 6 kits
  • Robots:several, including R2D2s ,one with gyroscope, some for students to construct
  • Scratch coding
  • Python and JavaScript coding via Code Combat
  • Spheros: Education Pack – contains 12
  • Squishy circuits (conductive and insulating dough)
  • Sticky circuits (copper tape)
  • Various crafts
  • Vibrating motors for making bristle bots and scribble bots
  • Wii
  • Kinect for Scratch
  • QR code makers and reader

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