Problem Solving and Collaboration

In this activity as part of Year 8 STEM, the class was divided into 2 teams. They had one 45 minute lesson to turn their pile of boxes (left over from textbook hire) into a house. While they built the house, they reflected on leadership and teamwork and afterwards wrote notes on what they learnt in their onenotes. Students really enjoyed this activity and were very effective in ensuring that everyone contributed. The cardboard houses were left up in the library for a week, whereupon other students improved the houses at lunchtimes.

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Humaneity comes to All Hallows’

At AHS we have a Year 8 STEAM Transdisciplinary Unit that aims to assist students to develop “future skills” of collaboration, problem solving and creativity. One of the units is called Home Sweet Home, where students collaborate to design and build a scale model of a tiny home.

This term, 8 TDU students have begun sharing their learning about this concept of “living with less” with Helensvale State High School who have partnered with Humaneity, a not-for-profit organization whose current project involves their students in a global collaboration to build tiny homes.

On Tuesday, 1st November, Mark Bradshaw, Principal of Helensvale State High school, 2 of their Year 7 students, and Mark Philpott of Humaneity, visited AHS to speak to 8TDU students about their project. Key messages were about how collaboration can change the world, about the challenge of making decisions based on what is most beneficial to society, and how to help those in need in society in a “sustainable” way.

Humaneity is interested in connecting with anyone willing to assist with their tiny home project. More information is available at Additionally, students will be invited to enter a tiny home design competition at the end of November, run by Humaneity, and the winning entry will be constructed. More details to come, but the design will need to meet QLD vehicle regulations and be based on a trailer.

As part of this collaboration, Year 8 AHS students are engaging in online conversations to discuss tiny homes on Sunday nights via the Fuze application with Helensvale State High students and Humaneity. This is a wonderful application of real world learning – thank you Humaneity!