Badge Making

We do badge making for Year 5 and 6 at start of each year in our Makerspace like other libraries. These badges are used in classes to learn names. Another activity is as follows.

TEAM Game (Together Everyone Achieves More)

First lesson, students make name badges. Return badges to teacher end of each lesson. Next lesson, place name badges face down on ground or table. Students need to find their badge and return to their seat. Teacher times how long it takes for class to be back and seated. No elbowing etc. Ussually takes just over 40 seconds for 29 students, first attempt. Students wear badge to learn each other’s name and return end of class. Next lesson place badges on ground or table face up. Have class discussion on ways to find badges faster, and agree on strategy. Time it. Repeat game next lesson. Try different strategies. Times get faster so it is a good message about benefits of working together, that distributes the badges in less than a minute. Also good learning moments are strategies that are not faster – how to fix it, why it did not work, why other strategies better.

If any badges left behind, this tells who is absent so makes taking class attendance easy.

See below how to recycle badges.

Badge Making Activities in Library

Badges recycled with stickers

These ones were used tocover old badges.

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