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She Flies: highly recommend following She Flies


Problem Solving and Collaboration

In this activity as part of Year 8 STEM, the class was divided into 2 teams. They had one 45 minute lesson to turn their pile of boxes (left over from textbook hire) into a house. While they built the house, they reflected on leadership and teamwork and afterwards wrote notes on what they learnt in their onenotes. Students really enjoyed this activity and were very effective in ensuring that everyone contributed. The cardboard houses were left up in the library for a week, whereupon other students improved the houses at lunchtimes.

Cre8 Lab

During 2016, I participated as an Ambassador for the Asia Pacific Design Library http://blogs.slq.qld.gov.au/apdl/2016/08/08/meet-our-design-minds-regional-ambassadors/  We were asked to work on a design project, so the AHS Library team focused on our Cre8 Lab project, which is part of our AHS Library Makerspace Program. Read more at: http://designonline.org.au/inspire-all-hallows-cre8-lab/ and at the video below:


And Term 1 program: