(We are located in Brisbane, Australia, so have some preference for buying nearer home. These are sellers we have used or are considering. Please comment if you find other good sources.)

3D printer Makerbot Replicator 2

Badge maker

Bits and pieces Sign up for newsletter at

Board games

Circuits, Batteries, LED lights

Craft supplies

Drone $99

Electronics  or (have not used) or and

(in NY, JC uses this) or (in UK, JC uses this)

Christmas Shapes for making LED circuit shapes from “Riot.” They come in a pack with other decorating things, e.g. Diamante’s, little shapes . Unfortunately you cannot buy from Riot online even though they have a website.

Google cardboard

Green screen and lights

Hummingbird (make your own robots from cardboard)

Lego Wedo  (also called Modern Teaching Aids. Will make up kits to suit your requirements) We also get Lego Mindstorms from them.

Littlebits – or or but if over $1000, you may need to pay customs duty, as I did

Magnetic poetry

Makey makey Joylabz do not deliver to Australia

Myndplay Neurosky headset

Riot  foam sticky flowers for bookmark

Self adhesive Felt Flower for crafts, felt bookmark blanks

Sphero Available singly from apple stores in Australia. Just available from Harvey Norman. They say they also sell Education Pack and in USA

 Sticker circuits

Squishy circuits: bought kits from

Stop motion

Vibrating motors from Adafruit



Arduino starter kit arduino uno starter

Sparkfun inventor’s kit and and

Arduino experimeters kit BCE one and

Raspberry pi and  and and


Jaycar catalogue


Soldering kit

Leap motion  and

Doodler pen  and  and


Cubelets Twenty and

Cubelets Education Pack

Snap circuits light®=NjYx

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