Ballstrike Augmented Reality App

Students had great fun using a new activity in our makerspace rotation selection: the augmented reality app, Ballstrike, free and available from the store on Windows 8 tablets. Apparently available on apple devices as well. We only used the free levels, but was very easy to use and students had heaps of fun, while also learning another application of augmented reality.

Lego Wedo: pushing more creativity

Good cheat sheet on Lego Wedo with Scratch and Makey Makey:

Good idea for challenges at:

Below is instruction challenge sheet based on challenge above. Car in image far below was designed, built and completed, including with sensors, using Lego Wedo software they had not used before, so car stopped when anything in front of it, by 1 group (13 years old), but other 4 groups did not complete in 45 mins, so need more time or easier challenge:


Putting the challenge into littlebits

How to move from consumption to creation? Use challenges:

See page 20 for torch / flashlight challenges. Challenging students to make a torch with littlebits works really well: need toilet rolls, clear paper cups, tape, rubber, bands, scissors, felt pens, as well as littlebits. Then get them to make waving hand as on sheet below. Found they then also were more creative and came up with ideas like using propeller with bell attached to play jingle bells. Page 20 of Educators Guide below is good.
More challenges at: