Starting a makerspace with (virtually) no budget

Making without a makerspace

Relative costs

$100 makerspace

Free or Nearly Free Stuff

3D design tools


App inventing and and

Apositive augmented reality app
Augmented Reality: Guiness Book of Records 2014
Augmented Reality apps
Aurasma and Apositive – augmented reality apps and
Balloon powered cars and and
BallStrike augmented reality app from the Windows store
Binary card puzzles and other unplugged activities if no computers more at
Book sculptures
Bridges and and Bridges out of Legos
Cardboard challenges and
Cars: rubber band or soda powered
Catapults and
Christmas trees from Magazines
Code Academy

Coding: Hour of code:, Scratch , Scratch tutorials on ABC Splash!/topic/1228259/coding-and-game-making

CodeCombat Learn python basics while playing a game

Colouring in: do a google search, but some at and


Donations: Lego (hard to get, but worth asking,) unused game consoles e.g. Wii, board games etc
Egg cartons
Finger knitting
Franken toys

Gamelab and

Knitting and crochet – borrow, beg or buy wool and needles or hooks

Kodu free gamemaking app
Lego moviemaker app and Lego stop animation
Marble runs and  and

Milk carton igloos
Op shops, ebay, gumtree, garage sales: jigsaw puzzles, games etc
Paper baskets
Paper plane making

Papercraft   and   and and
Playdough non-cook conductive insulating dough
Pull apart old computer (PC not screens) or other equipment


QR code activities
Roller coaster ski jump
Toca Builders
Rube goldberg free online

Turtle Art


Cheap Stuff
Google cardboards or Google Goggles (kids will need to bring in own smartphones and load the apps: send letter to parents regarding recommended apps. Not all students may have smartphone, but option, if no devices)
Green Screen Video Making (get cheap free wall- even stick green paper on wall and use with Moviemaker 6 or 7 or imovie) and

Low cost for Big Benefit
Makey makey, makey makey go

Free online simulated makerspace learning

Genius hour and
How to make a $100 makerspace

Ideas from ISTE 2015
Free guide: ALA STEM kit
Free guide:
$350 maker space starter kit

Setting up makerspace now is much cheaper than few years ago

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